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2 TM 2,3 (sometimes called in Poland "Tymoteusz") is one of the best polish (but not only) "hard and heavy" groups. The name of the group is a shortening of expect from St. Paul's 2nd. Letter to Timothy: "Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus". The band consist of many musicians from many other groups - Armia, Houk, Acid Drinkers and others. There was a moment in their life, few years ago, when they became a convert and realised that they want to make their music to extol God and to evangelize people using heavy music. All their lirycs descend from Holy Bible. As for now 2Tm2,3 has recorded 5 albums: "Przyjdz!"(English: "Come!") - 1997, "2Tm2,3" - 1999, "Pascha 2000" (English: "Passover 2000") - 2000, "Pascha 2000 Tour" and "Propaganda Dei" (it's an acoustic album from the tour) - 2004. Forgive me, but I won`t write too much about the music - it`s because I cannot compare 2Tm2,3 with any other group. Their sounds are very original, unusual for that kind of bands. We can hear everything from gothic almost to death, with elements of celtic and folk (look at the list of instruments of Joszko Broda) - it's really amazing connection...

Litza - guitar, voc, dżamby
Maleo - voc, guitar, kongos
Budzy - voc
Marcin Pospieszalski - bass, organ
Angelika Korszyńska-Górny - voc
Stopa - percussion
Beata Polak - percussion
Dr Kmieta - bass
Drężmak - guitar
Paweł Klimczak - guitar
Joszko Broda - jew's-harp, bagpipes, piszczalka wielkopostna, salasnikov's pipe, Jerosolima's bugle, zurna, ocarina

Przyjdz! 2TM2,3 Pascha 2000 Propaganda Dei

Marana Tha
Jezus Jest Panem
Psalm 8
Kto nas odlaczy
Kantyk trzech mlodziencow
Uwiodles mnie Panie
W obliczu aniolow
Sluchaj Izraelu

Szema Izrael, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Ehad
II Piesn slugi Panskiego
Psalm 13
Shlom Lech Mariam
Jahwe, Tys Bogiem Mym
Psalm 34
Psalm 103
Psalm 18
IV Piesn slugi Panskiego
Badz wola Twoja
Kim jest ta?
Stabat Mater
Z ta sama miloscia, w tym samym duchu
Psalm 51

Psalm 40
Psalm 122
Szema Izrael
List do Kosciola
Psalm 23
Nie lekaj sie
Pozwolcie dzieciom
Gdzie ona jest?
Psalm 130

Psalm 103
Baruch Ata Adonai
See I & I
List do Kosciola
Dzieki Ci Panie
Adonai Elohenu
Kantyk III Mlodziencow
Sluchaj Izraelu
Kocham Cie tak samo
Z gleboskosci wolam do Ciebie
Jahwe Tys Bogiem mym
O Panie nasz Panie
Kocham Cie Panie
Stabat Mater
Zmiluj sie Boze nade mna
Redemption song
By the Rivers of Babylon
Swiety Szczyt

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